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Bring a whole new digital experience to your audience and brand.

Professional Digital Signage manufacturer

Digital Signage

Digital signage pulls together all of the key elements of your organization and all of the increasing digital needs of your audience. We create an engaging digital medium that represents your vision in the most dynamic fashion.

Kiosk POS - Point of Sales
Best Digital Signage & Commercial Tv Mounting

Kiosk Point of Sales

Our Kiosk P.O.S solutions help establishments of different kinds, sync their transaction data with various features such as accounting, ecommerce, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

New or Existing Users

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The digital design is high quality and very appealing to our customers.

- Veggie Castle

It’s been a pleasure working with the  team of Nia Digital.

- Cindy B., Store Manager

Nia Digital is very fast and professional.

We look forward to continue working with them.

- Morris, Owner

About Us

Nia Digital is a digital media company specializing in digital out of home content development and systems integration. We are New York City based digital architectural signage firm, aim to provide our clients with the latest technology in commercial signage; coupled with innovative designs. We minimize your content management headaches by handling installation, content creations and all of the maintenance needs for your digital media; at a low-cost.

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Our Mission

We are focused on providing services to digitally enhance the aesthetic of all facilities, by using dynamic motion graphics on your digital displays. We worked with various industries such as hospitality, corporation and education, to name a few. We are driven by the opportunity to be a part of a revolution of digital signage and are motivated by the high demand of small local businesses, wanting to improve their productivity and customer experience with our hassle-free digital signage solutions.

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